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Custom Orders

In the world of handmade goods, inventory can be slow to produce and quick to be sold. Slow in – these items are one of a kind and handmade. Quick out – items are snatched up by someone as soon as it hits the online store or store shelves. But there’s a way to circumvent this issue – CUSTOM ORDERING!

There are no extra costs. You get personalized help designing the item you want. And you get a place in line; a guaranteed product spot that enters the queue to be created. It’s just like taking a number at the deli.

Bonus: Hand makers, like myself, love custom ordering as much as you will! Custom Orders are a win/win situation and they make up a good amount of our business. It’s a nice break from show and store prep. It’s a guaranteed sale. And, we love making our customers happy!

And how can you not love being a part of all these smiling faces?!?

So how does it work?

The first thing you should do is look around the store. Get a sense of our style and see what you like about it.

Second, decide what you want!

·      Doll

·      Apron (full or half/ adult or child)

·      Apron set for Parent/Child, Grandparent/Child

·      Wallhanging or Sampler

Once you’ve chose an item, think about what will make it special for you. What colors do you like? Do you want it to match your kitchen? Is it a special occasion? What’s your style – elegant, laid-back, vintage?

Now, contact me and let’s talk!

Great Example

So, let’s quickly walk through what a custom order looks like. Recently I was contacted and asked if I could make a doll with very pale skin, earth tone colors for the clothes and a maple leaf embroidered on the belly. (Pretty specific, no?)

I started by saying, “Of course!” Then, I sent my client my suggestion of “earth-tone” fabric combinations for her to look at. I needed her to let me know her thoughts and also, see where my head was at.

She chose her fabric combination and BAM! I was off and running. Her doll was put behind a few custom orders already in process and then it went something like this

Along the way I asked her more specific questions when they came up (Was it ok for the maple leaf to be green? Generally they are represented in fall colors.) I updated on our progess…

And well, you saw how happy this kid was.



So, Grab Your Spot

Custom orders are fun to create and special to receive. If you have more questions, or are ready to make your order, contact me! I’m ready to make something special for you, or your someone special.