Custom Orders

In the world of handmade goods, inventory can be slow to produce and quick to be sold. Slow in – these items are one of a kind and handmade. Quick out – items are snatched up by someone as soon as it hits the online store or store shelves. But there’s a way to circumvent this issue – CUSTOM ORDERING!

There are no extra costs. You get personalized help designing the item you want. And you get a place in line; a guaranteed product spot that enters the queue to be created. 



Check out our Gallery to view items that we make, have recently sold and have made in the past. 

Know that all items are one-of-a-kind. While you can't order an item that has been sold, the same fabrics may still be in stock, or similar fabrics can be obtained, to get you the look you want and still one-of-a-kind.


Check out our "Product Specifics" MerciNotes blog post (for item measurements and features) and our "Custom Order" post (for a more detailed look at home a custom order works!)




Contact me! We'll have a few good chats and get you in the process of having your custom order created. It's that easy!